The Declinist Doctrine


We’ve now reached the middle stages of an essentially senile foreign policy, which is unable to remember any recent lessons, but maintains perfect memory of ancient forms — without context.


This is how our Secretary of State is able to mistake, or at least pretend to mistake, words on a page for real-world accomplishments. And of course those accomplishments will prove difficult or impossible to achieve in a war zone, which also won’t be affected by words on a page. The only thing of any heft achieved here by Kerry of Wiggleroom is to turn a murderous dictator into a permanent “peace” partner, and restore to Russia a position it hasn’t enjoyed in the Middle East for 40 years.

The collapse of American power in that region has been as swift as it has been mind-bogglingly needless.

UPDATE: What did Wiggleroom talk to Rouhani about?



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