Vlad the Bad

It took a while, but Americans are finally coming around to the reality of Putin’s Russia:

Putin’s granting of political asylum to former NSA contractor Edward Snowden in August, and his government’s targeting of gays and lesbians with fines and imprisonment for homosexual “propaganda,” were cited by poll analysts as likely contributors to the changed attitudes toward Moscow.

“Since 1999, Americans have considered Russia more of an ally or a friendly nation than an unfriendly nation or an enemy,” the Gallup Politics report states. “As recently as June of this year, 52% of Americans considered Russia an ally or friendly; yet three months later, that number has dropped to 44%, with 50% believing Russia is now unfriendly or an enemy of American interests.”


But… but… reset! And Smart Diplomacy™!

When I wrote “Americans” in the intro, I wasn’t referring to Americans in the Administration. Just felt the need to point that out.


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