Bring it On

Scott Rasmussen:

The new reality is captured in Nicco Mele’s book, “The End of Big”.

“The devices and connectivity so essential to modern life put unprecedented power in the hands of every individual — a radical redistribution of power that our traditional institutions don’t and perhaps can’t understand,” he writes.

In America, power is decentralizing and individuals are being empowered. While the trend has been building for decades, the politicians are just starting to recognize it.

One big reality check came earlier this year over a very modest trimming of the budget known as the sequester. In D.C., many expected the American people would rise up in revolt when the so-called “cuts” took effect. Instead, no one noticed. Outside of those who work for the government, there was hardly any impact.

For those in power, that was a terrible glimpse into the reality of how irrelevant much of what they do has become. For most Americans, it was a baby step in the right direction.


The example set by the sequester is a big reason why I wish Congress would get up off its useless ass and demand that the President implement his own damn “health” “care” “reform” law. Some people worry that once people get a taste of the ObamaCare rebates, they won’t be able to quit. But that ignores the other side of the equation: ObamaCare f****** sucks. You can only kick people in the crotch for five dollars so many times before they decide it just isn’t worth the money — and ObamaCare is chock full of big, swift, steel-toe booted kicks to the tenders.

Let it burn. And then make the Democrats pay for their sins.


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