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Calling Captain Obvious


That's the headline for what I think might be an analysis piece by ABC's Bradley Klapper. It even features a line so sharp and insightful that I'll carry it with me until my dying day. Or perhaps until lunch:

Obama won conditional support Monday from two of his fiercest foreign policy critics, Republican Sens. John McCain of Arizona and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

Winning support from McCain and Graham for bombing somebody is like winning support from small children for Kit Kat bars. I mean, I know I'm a hawk, but I bet those two would rubber stamp a counterinsurgency campaign against New Hampshire, if you just spelled all the place names wrong enough that they thought it was somewhere in the Middle East or something.

I'm fairly certain -- but not confident -- that even a GOP Congress will give even a Democrat President whatever authorization he feels he needs. But what will he do with it?

Nothing of merit, I'm afraid.