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Xbox One (Big Chip)

One Big-Ass ChipWhoa:

Physically, the system-on-a-chip at the heart of the Xbox One is 363 square millimeters. But the real whopper is the amount of logic integrated within it: 5 billion transistors. Although Wikipedia isn’t necessarily the final arbiter, the Xbox One is possibly the largest chip manufactured to date, with a comparable number to Intel’s 64-core Xeon Phi coprocessor for supercomputers, and easily topping Intel’s 8-core “Poulsen” Itanium that the chip maker launched in 2012.

I was a happy Xbox 360 owner, even though I used mine so infrequently that my first-gen model didn't suffer the infamous Red Ring of Death until just last year. But that big-ass chip in the new one (which I plan to buy "for the kids", BTW) has me worried about heat dispensation issues. At the very least, until Microsoft gets the die-shrink shrunk, the fan noise is going to make that One very loud box.