Obama's Unloved Success

Mark Theissen:

In 2010, the government spent $3.457 trillion, while this year it is on track to spend $3.455 trillion.

Wait, that’s less.

Granted, it’s not a lot less. But for decades, government spending has been like a runaway train — rising beginning in the 1960s, accelerating during the 2000s under President George W. Bush and then careening to unprecedented levels during the start of the Obama administration.

Now, finally, that runaway train has been slowed, stopped and put into reverse. In 2013, “spending is projected to be down by about 5 percent from 2010, accounting for inflation,” The Post reported.

That is not an insignificant achievement.

Fewer Americans receiving unemployment benefits is a part of it. The sequester — Obama’s own idea, which he’s desperately needs to undo — counts for much of the rest.

But ObamaCare and SNAP and all the corporate giveaways have us on an unsustainable course, especially when you consider all the economic growth we’re sacrificing on the altar of Big Government.