47,000 Apps and Nothing's On

The BlackBerry World app store has about 120,000 apps. 47,000 of them — more than a third — are from a single developer. How does a single developer produce 47,000 apps?

Would you believe it’s because they all suck? Of course you would:

As noted by BerryReview — which first reported on this astonishing proliferation of apps — S4BB traffics in some pretty weak stuff, software that often fails to meet even the loosest definition of “app.” Among its offerings: Innumerable lock apps, repurposed city guides, audiobooks, and an array of content apps that seem to be built around RSS feeds from the White House, the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Weather Service and the CDC. And then there’s Mega Shaver, Mega Machine Gun and, inevitably, Mega Fart.

Mega Shaver? I really enjoyed her work in Where the Boys Aren’t XXVIII.