Hello, Larry

Oracle’s Larry Ellison on Google’s Larry Page:

“He runs that company. Nobody else runs that company.”

Rose then asked Ellison whether what Google did was evil. America’s third-richest man said yes, but stopped short of calling Page himself evil.

“It makes what he did evil, which is quite different,” Ellison said. “And I know his slogan is ‘Don’t be evil,’ and I think he slipped up this one time. This really bothers me. I don’t see how he thinks you can just copy someone else’s stuff.”

In an ongoing legal dispute, Oracle has accused Google of stealing its code without permission. And according to Ellison, the blame for that falls squarely on Google’s CEO.

“When you write a program for the Android phone, you use the Oracle Java tools for everything,” the 68-year-old said. “And then at the very end, you press a button and say, ‘Convert this to Android format.’ We don’t compete with Google. We don’t do anything Google does. We just think they took our stuff, and that was wrong.”


“Don’t be evil” has been an unfunny punchline for a while now.



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