Android Shrinking?

Horace Dediu is about the sharpest guy out there on all matters mobile, but I don’t know that I’m buying this one:

ComScore’s latest survey for US smartphone users showed that Android had 52% share of about 142 million users. That amounts to 73.84 million Android devices in use.

ComScore’s previous such survey showed that Android had 52.4% of about 141 million users. This amounts to 73.88 million Android devices in use. It also means that Android usage in the US went down for the first time.


Android shrinking, if ever-so-slightly, in a still-growing US smartphone market? Who’s taking their lunch money? Apple, with an iPhone 5 that’s nearing the end of its sales life? Nokia? BlackBerry?

No, this one smells fishy. Android may very well be peaking, as Dediu says there have been signs of, but shrinking? Sorry, no.


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