Repeal THIS!


Despite repeated assurances that the ObamaCare data hub is on schedule, a government audit finds that vital security measures to protect private information likely won’t be ready by Oct. 1. The implications are profound.

As far back as December 2012, Obama administration officials were insisting that the data hub at the center of the ObamaCare exchanges was nearly finished.

Yet all the while, they were pushing back deadlines or missing them altogether, to the point where, unless ObamaCare’s launch is delayed, millions of people’s privacy will be at risk.

Obama officials may, in fact, have flat-out lied to lawmakers about the data hub’s progress.


This is how I grew up. My first awareness of having a President was Gerald Ford, who rose to power after Nixon lied. Then Carter, who promised, “I’ll never lie to you.” And the less said about that the better. Reagan was a breath of fresh air, right up until he had to launch an investigation to discover what, exactly, his foreign policy was. Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama… Clinton?

Oy. They meant well to various degrees, but “scandal-free” is hardly a phrase I’d apply to any of them.

So I’m just going to go ahead and assume the worst here, that Obama’s people are lying sacks of stuff, and that the Chicago Machine will of course use our medical records against us. The Republicans will holler, but only as loudly as they dare. And then eventually they’ll get their hands on those same levers of power, and even the quiet hollering will stop.


I’m honestly afraid that our noble experiment has ended.


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