Defunding ObamaCare for Fun and Profit

PFOL’s Amy Otto makes a good case for defunding ObamaCare:

The word “defund” seems heavy-handed and obstructionist. However, in reality it’s a request to avoid the mandated spending beginning in 2014 for a program that this administration has recognized is not ready. Many Democrats — even the Senate Majority leader — have admitted as much, even using the phrase “train wreck.” Therefore, it’s basically a request for a delay due to mounting evidence of challenges that will prevent successful implementation of the law.

While left wing cable pundits like Chris Matthews throw around ridiculous hyperbole such as calling a US Senator a “terrorist”, they fail to recognize the facts at hand. Regardless of where you stand on Obamacare as a good or bad policy for the country, it’s simply not ready for prime time. There is nothing radical in pointing out that fact and insisting that we delay for 1 more year. It strikes me that it’s radicals who, by any means necessary, are willing to impose this mandate on the American people — despite clear evidence from numerous polls that they do not support the law as it stands.


Solid points, all — but I remain unconvinced.

The American people sent Obama to the White House in 2009 with bulletproof Democrat majorities in each house, despite his promise and/or threat to “fundamentally transform” America. His signature achievement in that area is the health care reform act bearing his name (if not his fingerprints).

Given a chance to elect a new President last year, one who had promised to sign an ObamaCare repeal on Day One, the American people punted. No matter what the polls might say, ObamaCare is and will remain the law of the land.

Want the executive branch to delay it by fiat? That only encourages even more lawlessness from these Chicago players.

Want Congress to defund it? That just gives the Democrats somewhere else to place the blame for ObamaCare’s major and myriad failures. And you’d better believe the Mainstream Media would let them get away with it.

No, the proper course is for Congress to insist on a speedy rollout of every crossed T and dotted I — and then to hold many public hearings on the results.

Because only then will repeal be possible. Only then can the Democrats be held responsible for their legislative rape of this nation in 2009-2010.


Let. It. Burn.


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