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Noemie Emory on ObamaCare’s innate flaws:

Who could ever have dreamed, for example:

• That the proposed tax on medical devices would threaten to stop the creation of new methods of treatment?

• That the effort to make religious people and/or institutions fund things like abortion would lead to the predictable outbreak of rows and of lawsuits?

• That doctors would plan to retire en masse due to the staggering new burdens of regulations and paperwork?

• That the employers’ mandate would stop business growth, prevent hiring, force employers to replace full-time employees with part-timers who get no health care or benefits?

• That it would kill off what was planned as “recovery summer” for five unbroken years in a row?

Even Senate Finance Committee Chairman Sen. Max Baucus, a backer, has called it a train wreck. Who ever dreamed that such things could happen? Surely not they.


Read the whole thing, of course.

These failures are why Republicans on Capitol Hill and elsewhere are wrong to try and defund ObamaCare. Instead, they should insist on the Administration following it to the letter. I hate the phrase “teachable moment,” but the right has one here with the epic failure of the employer mandate. It’s gone from a simple Screw the Pooch to… well, the thing I thought of that was worse than pooch-screwing was so disgustingly filthy that I’ve decided to keep it to myself.

No, “let it burn” is the right strategy for the GOP to pursue on this one — while holding hearings in each and every relevant committee to highlight the ACA’s endless failures.


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