Samsung Busted for Cheating on Benchmark Tests


AnandTech was able to verify what a poster had reported on graphics website Beyond3D: Samsung was specifically enabling full speed GPU performance only when running specific benchmarks, and then reverting to slower 480MHz speeds when being used to play games or run other apps.

The site first confirmed that, in normal use, the Galaxy S 4’s Exynos 5 Octa was running at 480MHz, noting, “Samsung never publicly claimed max GPU frequencies for the Exynos 5 Octa (our information came from internal sources), so no harm no foul thus far.”

However, when running tests including GLBenchmark 2.5.1, AnTuTu and Quadrant, the device “triggers a GPU clock not available elsewhere: 532MHz.”

The CPU side behaved similarly when running benchmarks, but it used maximum performance modes available to other apps. “The 532MHz max GPU frequency on the other hand,” the report stated, “is only available to these specific benchmarks.”


It’ll rock those specific benchmark tests, then lose about 10% of its reported speed when running anything else.

Lame, Samsung.


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