"BlackBerry is not in trouble."


BlackBerry India managing director Sunil Lalvani tells Sudhir Chowdhary that the company is working on products at various functionalities and price points to cater to the diverse set of audience here.


Is BlackBerry in trouble again? Recent quarterly results have not been encouraging…

No, BlackBerry is not in trouble. I would be candid to admit that yes indeed, we have had one tough last year or little over the year. But if you analyse historically, there are two reasons to it. BlackBerry was one of the pioneers in the smartphone era with the revolutionary feature of having your e-mails on the move. But the entire mobile industry has evolved and it is evident by the huge influx of new smartphones in the market.


BlackBerry just flubbed its latest product launch, saw sales slip 17%, and posted a loss. Meanwhile, Android dominates smartphone marketshare while iPhone hoovers most of the profits.

What’s that leave BlackBerry?

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