Slicing and Dicing the 2014 Electorate

Democrats hoping to win back the House next year… oh, who are we kidding — they’re hoping to keep a bare hold on the Senate. Anyway, they’re focusing on older voters:


Democrats are closely watching the voting pattern of older Americans, a group that voted heavily Republican in the 2010 midterm and, to a lesser extent, in 2012; in March and July surveys, older voters’ responses are showing only about half the GOP margin they voted last November and about a quarter of the Republican margin in the 2010 midterm election. It’s unclear what exactly is going on, but this formerly strong Democratic group had moved pretty heavily against Democrats and Obama since he took office. Some signs indicate, however, this trend could be diminishing somewhat. And because older voters tend to vote in disproportionately higher numbers in midterm elections, any changes could be important.

That seems like a pretty slim reed, especially given what ObamaCare is doing to Medicaid and what ZIRP has done to the value of seniors’ savings accounts.


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