America's "Most Patriotic" Brands

Now that’s an excellent question, what brands do American consumers think represent the best about our country? USA Today asked and got the top 25, and the number one pick had me nodding my head: Jeep.


Here’s the story:

It’s the brand known for winning World War II, for providing reliable transportation for American GI’s under the toughest conditions for generations. And lately, it has come to symbolize American ruggedness and a sense of adventure.

So perhaps it’s appropriate that Chrysler Group’s Jeep brand is named in a survey as the most patriotic brand from 197 famous brand names in 35 categories.

Heck, Jeep even beat out Coca-Cola, Levi’s, Harley-Davidson and Disney in the top 25.

Also on the list: Zippo, Smith & Wesson, and John Deere. So whatever it is that’s awesome and right and just generally kick-ass about America… well, they haven’t killed it off yet.


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