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To the list of reasons not to email pictures of your junk, add another:

A JFK Airport security supervisor has been fired for mistakenly sending out a mass e-mail blast — of his genitals — to nearly two dozen shocked underlings, supervisors and Port Authority executives.

The embarrassing incident occurred around 7:15 a.m. June 21 after Gerard Robson, a project manager for private contractor FJC Security, responded to an airport parking-lot fender bender involving a security guard’s car.

Robson had hoped to alert his bosses and PA execs to what happened by taking photos of the cars and e-mailing the images with his company-issued BlackBerry, sources said.

But Robson somehow attached another snapshot stored on the cellphone — showing him inside a car, “waist down, naked penis out, belly and all,” according to one source.

Yeah… don’t do that.

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