B-Listers Lining Up for ObamaCare

No, not to get on it, silly — but to convince you, humble mandate-ee, of the wonders of its goodness:

The White House is working to recruit Hollywood celebrities to help promote ObamaCare, a top celebrity political adviser told The Hill.

Trevor Neilson, a veteran of the Clinton White House, said he’s in talks with the Obama administration and that his clients are “looking at ways to be involved.”

Neilson represents Eva Longoria, John Legend and many other stars as president of Global Philanthropy Group.


Jacque Cousteau and James Cameron together, armed with an unlimited budget and the very latest submersible robotic vessels would be unable to plumb the depths of my disinterest in what any of these valueless “celebs” have to say about anything.

But it does give one the feeling that the fix is in — and has been for a very long time.


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