Close, But no Cigar

Ron Fournier almost wins the internet today:

Swamped in controversies, President Obama and his slow-footed team are essentially telling the American public, “We’re not crooked. We’re just incompetent.”
The IRS targeting conservatives, the Justice Department snooping at The Associated Press, the State Department injecting politics into Benghazi, the military covering up sexual assaults, and the Department of Veterans Affairs leaving heroes in health care limbo – each of these so-called scandals share two traits.

First, there is some element of “spin,” the cynical art of telling just enough of the truth to avoid political embarrassment. Obfuscation and demagogy, the dirty tools of political quackery that Obama pledged to purge from Washington, enjoy top-shelf status at his White House.


In just two short grafs, Fournier said Obama or his Administration is

• Swamped

• Slow-footed

• Incompetent

• Spinning

• Using dirty tools

• Hypocritical

But then he mentions “these so-called scandals.”

Ron, buddy? Where there’s smoke, there’s probably a liar with his pants on fire.


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