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Does Sergey Know About Shrinkage?

GlassholeNick Bilton went to Google's big I/O conference, where everybody seemed to be wearing Google Glass. Everybody, everywhere:

As I approached the line to the restroom, I took a deep sigh, thinking that I might find some respite from the hundreds of cameras strapped to people’s heads at the conference.

Yet when it was finally my turn to approach the rows of white urinals, my world came screeching to a halt. There they were, a handful of people wearing Google Glass, now standing next to me at their own urinals, peering their head from side to side, blinking or winking, as they relieved themselves.

Google Glass snaps a picture for you when you wink.

I'm a gadget freak. Always have been, always will be, always want the latest and greatest of whatever is new & gadgety. But after forty-plus years, I've finally found my limit.

Google Glass is clearly a case of just because you can make it, doesn't mean you should.