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He's Such a Nice Boy Who Blew Up All Those Runners

From an interview with Ralph Peters:

Q: You're suggesting that from an investigative standpoint, the wrong brother died in the battle with law enforcement?

A: Very much so. (Dzhokhar Tsarnaev) may know some things, but his brother (Tamerlan) was the key guy. But (even with him), when you take these low-level terrorists — and these guys were low level — when you take the guys who actually do the deed, they often don't have much for you.

Q: What else can you predict about the case?

A: It's going to cost us a lot of money to try him and incarcerate him. And as a prisoner, this guy is going to get better medical care than many poor native-born Americans. Everyone is obsessed about the rights of these prisoners. What about the rights of the people who had their legs blown off? How much have we heard about them? It's all about how sweet this kid was. I was just reading another piece in The Washington Post about how everybody liked him so much. Jesus — or Allah, take your pick — give me a (expletive) break.

Bill Whittle was right; this guy needs to be tried for treason. He took a loyalty oath when he was granted his citizenship, and then broke it in the most dramatic way. If we're not going to try citizen-terrorists as enemy combatants (and we shouldn't be doing that), then we need to try them for treason. Because if killing Americans in league -- even a tenuous league -- with foreign nationals at war with this country isn't "aid and comfort," then I don't know what is.