ObamaCare May Cost Dems House Victory in 2014

Not that there was much risk of “Madam Speaker” again, but ObamaCare isn’t exactly helping:

Delays in implementing popular pieces of ObamaCare are hurting it with Democrats.

Ahead of an election year in which Republicans promise to make healthcare an issue again, Democrats are criticizing the White House for delaying policies that could help build support for the unpopular law.

Come to think of it, this story is based on a false premise. ObamaCare was never going to gain popularity, not even if it let kids stay on daddy’s insurance until age 62, or if their pre-existing condition included cancer of the hair.

Because no matter what few shiny baubles ObamaCare might provide, no matter how perfectly it might one day be implemented, its main effects are a new and labyrinthine bureaucracy, strangled small businesses, skyrocketing premiums, reduced access to care, lost coverage, lost employment, bankrupted doctors, exploding deficits, and an emboldened and empowered IRS.

So screw ObamaCare and its pitiful little bribes. I want my doctor (and my liberty) back.