Vote with Your Feet

Here’s your scary-ass chart of the day — if you happen to be the lame-ass governor of a bloated blue state.

Here’s more from the IBD story:

Americans are migrating from less-free liberal states to more-free conservative states, where they are doing better economically, according to a new study published Thursday by the George Mason University’s Mercatus Center.

The “Freedom in the 50 States” study measured economic and personal freedom using a wide range of criteria, including tax rates, government spending and debt, regulatory burdens, and state laws covering land use, union organizing, gun control, education choice and more.

It found that the freest states tended to be conservative “red” states, while the least free were liberal “blue” states.

The freest state overall, the researchers concluded, was North Dakota, followed by South Dakota, Tennessee, New Hampshire and Oklahoma. The least free state by far was New York, followed by California, New Jersey, Hawaii and Rhode Island.


With the exception of Hawaii, which has some built-in advantages like being one of the most beautiful and pleasant places in the world, all those places frankly suck. And none of them used to.


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