"In-N-Out Burger" Was Already Taken

Wiggle aside, Hooters — there are new breastaurants in town:

Next month, the Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery will open in Hallandale Beach with Tilted Kilt Girls sporting mini-kilts, midriff-baring white tops, and stockings.

And a group of Weston restaurateurs have signed an agreement to open 10 Twin Peaks.The main attraction at the restaurants themed as mountain-sports lodges are the “Lumber Jills,” serving in khaki shorts and red plaid tops. They bare their midriffs, too.

Owners of the specialty themed restaurants say the servers are entertainers. Breastaurants don’t hire their employees, they audition and cast them, said Joe Sloboda, a restaurateur behind the upcoming Twin Peaks South Florida franchise.

“We want to make sure people on our team will fit the role, with the right personality, the right skill-set,” he said. For example, the Tilted Kilt announced it will hold “casting calls,” this weekend from 12-5 p.m. for “all roles.’


I love this next bit, to which I’ve added a few extra bits in bold:

“Initially, customers are drawn in for the girls [who are all hot chicks],” Hanby said. “But what keeps them coming back is the great food [served by hot chicks], the selection of drinks [also served by hot chicks] and the unbeatable atmosphere [hot chicks].” he said.

Pretty girls serving OK food is nothing new. It might even be one of the oldest restaurant concepts. And it’s all innocent fun. When my wife wants hot wings, and I have to remind her that it’s a 12-hour drive to Culpepper’s (I used to walk there in ten minutes; sigh), she’s the one to suggest Hooter’s.

But how much room is there for the concept to grow? It’s a bit like Las Vegas. Having one Vegas (and it’s developmentally-disabled kid brother, Atlantic City) is great. But if every big city tried to do what Vegas does, they’d go broke — and possibly ruin it for Vegas, too. And there’s an upper limit on how many pretty young women have the looks, personality, and willingness to do the work.

I wish these new places luck — it’s a tough industry, even with scantily-clad servers. But we might be hitting saturation in this particular market.



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