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A Message to America's Youth from an American Youth

Go Galt, young man! What follows is a guest essay by Bill Reader.

Outwitting the Inevitable

I've seen some rumblings in various places... most recently on the comments in Steve Green's post "The Letter of the Law"... from conservatives who are uncomfortable with collaborating with plans aimed specifically at making the economic situation worse. There are two complaints that I see. One is that people feel it's a betrayal of our principles. The other is that people note that Obama is destroying the economy, and the country in general, very well on his own. I'll deal with the latter, more specific issue first, and then tie it to former objection later.

If it seems to you that Obama can destroy the country just fine by himself, well, you're right. A collapse will eventually come whether we help it along or not, and in the most general sense, our actions ultimately lead to the same conclusion. The question we should be concerned with right now is not whether the collapse will come, but how quickly. Leaving things as they are, and supposing we continued in a business-as-usual manner and worked constantly to support the ever-weakening economy, we could squeeze maybe a couple more decades out of the current state of affairs. But understand this... we might hold up the decline, and perhaps have one or two minor victories as we do, but for that entire time, the consequences of socialization and liberalism will always be somewhere in the distant future and overruled in people's minds by the immediate government bribes. This has two direct implications. One is that the next 20 years or so would be experientially a lot like the last four, only starting from a worse and worse point all the time. To put it another way, you can look forward to a very long period of awful culminating in a collapse. The second is that by the time the consequences arrive (in the form of the aforementioned collapse), today's college students will be middle-aged and their kids may well form a 2nd wave of brain-washed liberals, born and raised to love Uncle Sugar (this is, admittedly, a pessimistic outlook, but so far the generation seems to be trending more after the mostly-liberal Boomers than the mostly-conservative Generation Screwed). Everyone with a grain of common sense will be an old timer, and the principles we hold dear all but totally lost. I list this social attrition first because, while it is admittedly the more unpredictable factor, it is also potentially the most important. That's because the social stakes are much higher. Everything truly essential to the spirit of America is in her culture and people. As a thought experiment, consider this: if half of America were to disappear tomorrow, but the half that was left had a solid understanding of objective reality and human nature... the overriding ideals of conservatism... the chances of reconstruction would be very good. If they did not, it's very easy to predict there would be serious trouble. In the same way, though it's hard to know how society will move in 20 years, it's a cinch that the outcome will powerfully effect America's ability to weather the collapse. And frankly, the current long-term indicators are bleak... we shouldn't candy-coat it.