How I Spent My North Korean Vacation

Sophie Schmidt — that’s former Google CEO Eric’s daughter — went to North Korea. Then she filed the most amusingly grim or grimly amusing travelogue since Tony Bourdain decided to get all deep about stuff. A quick mention of the lodgings in Pyongyang:


My father’s reaction to staying in a bugged luxury socialist guesthouse was to simply leave his door open.

Since we didn’t have cellphones or alarm clocks, the question of how we’d wake up on time in the morning was legitimate. One person suggested announcing “I’m awake” to the room, and then waiting until someone came to fetch you.

OK, Eric Schmidt would do that — apparently he regards his own privacy the way he regards yours. If you don’t have time to read the whole thing, at least take a look at the DPRK’s leading library.

That pegged my Creep-O-Meter.

(Hat tip to Will Collier, who knows exactly how to waste half my day.)


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