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For reasons still unclear even to me, I took the original German lyric to Nena’s “99 Luftballoon” and put it through Google Translate. Into Arabic. And then into English. The results are… well, they’re certainly here:


Do you have a little time for me
Then I sing a song for you
Balloons from 99
On the way to the horizon
Maybe ‘Grad at me
Then I sing a song for you
Balloons from 99
And that nothing comes from nothing

99 Luftballons
On the way to the horizon
He considered for foreign objects from space
Therefore sent General
‘Ne behind the swarm
To alert when Pay sun
It war’n there on the horizon
Only 99 balloons

99 Duesenflieger
Everyone was a great warrior
Held for Captain Kirk
The large fireworks
The neighbors gathered something
They believed themselves equal wearing
This is done on the horizon
Balloons to 99

99 Secretary of War
Match and jerrycans
Speaking of smart people
Smell booty fat already
Shouted the war and wants to power
A man, who would have thought that the
That once so far comes
Because of 99 balloons

99 years of war
Left no room for the winner
Secretary of War does not exist anymore
Nor Duesenflieger
Today I make my rounds
I look forward to the world lies in ruins
Found ‘E’ Nunn balloon
I was thinking and let him fly

It’s good to know the smart people smell booty fat already.


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