Of Course the Game is Rigged

Tim Carney:

Republican former congressman Jim McCrery plays a public-spirited anti-debt crusader on TV, and a lobbyist for corporate cash and special-interest tax carveouts during the day.


Check out this next bit:

•McCrery was on the lobbying team that pushed, on GE’s behalf, for wind tax credits and tax breaks for offshore financial subsidiaries — breaks that ended up in the fiscal cliff deal.

•The American Health Care Association — the lobby group for nursing homes — wants to kill the Independent Payment Advisory Board, an agency dedicated to controlling the growth of Medicare spending. McCrery is on their IPAB lobbying team.

•McCrery lobbied for the American Wind Energy Association’s wind tax credits.

•McCrery lobbied on behalf of Beam, Inc. for special tax breaks for Virgin Islands liquor production.

How do the Democrats get away with painting the GOP as the party of big giveaways to the rich? Because of people like McCrery, who are the GOP inside the Beltway.


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