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Why Progs Are Inherently Vile Exhibit #1,000,006

You might have caught Max Read's screed over at Glenn's or Michelle's, but something about it caught my eye:

Good, serious progressives are supposed to condemn violence as a political tactic, because it's wrong and in many cases counterproductive. But do we really need to condemn the union protestor who socked Fox News comedian Steven Crowder in the jaw?

"In many cases counterproductive."

"In many cases."

That's an interesting choice of words.

What about the times when violence is politically productive? Is it OK then? Do we just need to up the violence to the point where people will cower at the bloody majesty of the vile Progressive agenda?

I think Read's problem with the assault on Crowder is that it didn't accomplish anything. It wasn't productive. You have to wonder if he'd nuke Lansing and everyone in it, if it would result in single payer health insurance or free Head Start lunches for hungry Gawker editors.

Just breaking a few eggs is all.