Obama Says: Take Your Medicine

Dan Danner on ObamaCare’s un(?)intended consequences:

Recent news media coverage has highlighted larger businesses reducing employee hours below 30 hours per week in order to avoid the employer-mandate requirements or penalties. Smaller businesses, too, might be forced to reduce employment below the 50 full-time equivalent employee threshold, or resist growing above the threshold, to avoid the mandate. None of these options is productive, and they ultimately harm employees and the economy. Replacing one full-time position with two part-time positions is not job creation.


Don’t be silly — of course it’s job creation. Soviet hospitals didn’t use wheelchairs, because a stretcher requires two employees to operate. We’re just following the Soviet path to prosperity.

More seriously, big business is going to love this stuff. Small business now has a very good reason to stay small, or face the increased costs (and hence increased risks) imposed by ObamaCare. Our entrenched interests are becoming ever more entrenched.

Progressivism is an essentially feudal system, and we’re the serfs.


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