How Big a GOP?

Rick Moran: How the implementation of ObamaCare will make the GOP a majority party.

Rick makes some very good points, and I found myself nodding along most of the time. Especially when you think of how ObamaCare will require your doctor to ask you about tons of things unrelated to your visit (or to your health) and then report your answers to some bureaucrat in DC, raising the painintheassitude of simply trying to get some codeine cough syrup.


So maybe, yes, people rise up in a massive Health Care Revolt of 2016, to mirror the great Tax Revolt of 1979.

But what does the GOP do? Will it take a bold stand for dismantling this monstrosity? Or will it trim ObamaCare’s rougher edges, for a kinder, gentler democratic tyranny?

The GOP has some soul-searching to do between now and then.


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