Election Night Drunkblogging

Exit polls claim Obama has a lock on 190, Romney on 191. I figure that looks like this.

39 down. 12 to go.

I’ll be updating this post throughout the night, but without the frantic pace of a debate or SOTU drunkblog.

(All times Mountain)

4:47PM: Krauthammer says Romney has a slight edge with government workers in northern VA. Is that possible? And if it is, is it due to the sequester?

4:58PM: Wow. This is it. Polls start closing back east in minutes.

5:02PM: First wave of calls are in, but nothing that isn’t already on the map above.

5:09PM: If Obama loses the Industrial Midwest/Great Lakes — and thus the election — it will be because he went to war against Catholics & coal.

5:15PM: Ohio polls close in 15 minutes, but don’t expect quick results. If voters are already in line — and the lines are still long in many places — then they can’t be turned away until they’ve voted.

5:19PM: From DM Hawkins: “Romney at 61% in Indian county FL, up 6% for what McCain did. Florida looking so good so far”

5:30 I’ll be turning off comments here, and opening a comments threat above. Save the poor Amiga 500 my blog runs on!

5:35PM: Here’s the open comments thread. I’m told we’ve upgraded the Amiga 500 to a full 4MB of memory, but why take chances?

5:37pm Get ready for a flood of calls about states that were never in doubt.

5:40PM SC just called for Romney — see what I mean?

5:50PM FNC is pretending they know what’s going on in Florida, but they don’t. Not yet.

6:02PM: Bunches of blue east coast states, plus DC and IL, all called for Obama.

6:03PM: And bunches of red southern states for Romney.

6:18PM: Late voting in VA. People in line won’t be turned away. It’s gonna be a long night in VA.

6:33PM ME-02 still up for grabs? I think so.

6:47PM: A quick personal note, if you don’t mind. My two-year-old came down with a nasty puking stomach bug at Zero-Dark-Thirty Sunday morning. My wife caught it yesterday during the day. And my six-year-old and I both got the damn thing at bedtime last night. So I’m working here on not much more than zero sleep, half a meal in 24 hours, and three cocktails.

So I’ll ask you the same question I’ve been asking for about ten years…

Who’s the hardest woking man in the blogosphere?

7:01PM: Longshot MI to Obama. Bunches of other calls, no surprises. Keep looking at the original map above.

7:11PM: No big surprise, but ABC says GOP will hold the House. At the very worst, we have that firewall.

7:15PM: It didn’t happen. PA is blue, according to Fox.

7:20PM Here’s where we are now.

7:26PM WI is blue.

7:38PM Rove says FL goes red by under 100,000. That looks like an automatic recount number.

7:46PM If you’re wondering why I haven’t put up a map yet showing WI, it’s because it might have been called too early. I’m not optimistic there (FL and OH should have been stronger), but I’m not coloring it in yet, either.

7:54PM NH goes blue, along with I assume, ME-02.

7:56PM With MN sure to go blue, that puts Obama within 19 of 270. To win, he needs any two states states in the East, or all three (CO, IA, NV) west of the Mississippi. Or FL all by itself.

8:45PM The Pre-Post Mortem.

9:14PM OH is blue. It’s all over, kids.

I’m going to the mountains for a few days to clear my brain, but will be right back in the mix next week.