SHOCKER: Andrea Mitchell Speaks Sooth

I don’t watch MSNBC very much, because my liver can’t take it. Today, it’s my heart — as in, I almost had a coronary just reading what she said today. Mediaite has the story:

While examining some possible Electoral College scenarios with NBC News White House Correspondent Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell wondered why President Barack Obama’s campaign would send former President Bill Clinton to Philadelphia if they were confident the Keystone State was unlikely to flip to Mitt Romney on Tuesday. “If Pennsylvania is in play, then this is all over for the president,” Mitchell said.

“Why would you send Bill Clinton to Philadelphia if you weren’t certain that the people of Philadelphia were going to turn out and you would have a Democratic victory,” Mitchell asked Todd.

Todd explained that the Obama campaign is confident in their ground game in Philadelphia. He said that Democratic operatives have confided in him that they expect to win Pennsylvania by a larger margin than Minnesota.

Mitchell said that, if on election night, Pennsylvania looks to be in play, than Obama is in trouble and “it would be a remarkable turn of events.”

Holy farging crap I did not think it was possible that Mitchell had enough functioning synapses to put that all together, without shorting something out. Mediaite has the video, if you think your ticker can handle it.