Sir Robin Bravely Turned and Fled

Zeke Miller at BuzzFeed:

Democrats had long been torn over whether to portray Romney as too conservative, or too inconsistent, for the electorate — realizing that the attacks are inconsistent with one another. And since this spring, they seemed to have settled on the former, casting Romney as a conservative whose policies of cutting taxes and spending, and on abortion and other social issues, are too far right for most voters.

Thursday they returned abruptly to the earlier line.


After last night, it’s clear that the Obama camp has to try something different, but is this the right move?

When one line of attack isn’t working, yes, a new line is needed. But is it possible to maintain any credibility when your new line is diametrically opposed to your old line? 180 degrees isn’t just a change in direction; it’s an implicit admission that you were completely wrong.


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