But of Course...

…I’m pleased as punch about Paul Ryan.

The libertarian in me will forever be uneasy over Ryan because of TARP, but sometimes I just have to take my inner libertarian and chain him to the water heater. But Ryan is rock-solid on our most current pressing issue: Washington Spending vs Jobs.


And can you imagine the Veep debate? In a couple months, you won’t have to. And it’s going to be delish.

I was going to write that by choosing Ryan, Mitt Romney has doubled down on small-government conservatism. But in order to double down, you had to have gone down once before — and I don’t think we need to write that sentence about Romney.

But Ryan was a bold pick, and the right pick to soothe Tea party souls without threatening independent voters. And if last year’s polling on the Ryan Plan was right (seniors loved it), then Joe Biden is going to have to start doing “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” ads to make a better impression.

I’ll have more on Ryan in the coming days, but I’m so pleased I had to get something about it off my chest, even on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon.


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