James Earl Jones: Tea Party is Racist / VodkaPundit: Star Wars Can Bite Me

Sigh. As if I need yet another reason not to watch Star Wars anymore.

May I confess something here? Something dark and personal? I find as I get older, that Star Trek has come to fill that fantasy/sci-fi geek part of my life that the Star Wars saga had owned since 1977.

It started five or six years ago, when I finally bought the DVD sets of the original Trek series — or “TOS” to us Trekkers. I watched all 79 episodes in just a couple-three weeks, no small feat considering back in the 1960s, an hour-long drama ran pretty close to a full hour. Sure, there were some groaners in there, like “Spock’s Brain.” And what was the one with the space hippies? I’ll never make my sons watch that.

But surely, nothing in TOS comes even close to the sustained suckitude of the Star Wars prequels. That’s half of George Lucas’s saga right there. It consists right off the top of 50% suck — and then there are the Ewoks and Lucas’s endless fiddling with (i.e., ensuckifying) the original trilogy. Han shoots first, dammit.

Then along came the Trek reboot of 2009, and I’m not sure I’ve watched a ‘Wars movie since. Longtime readers here know I’m a big fan of the new/old crew, and I can’t wait to see what the next movie will bring.

Anyway, this is all just a convoluted way of saying, “Who needs Vader when you’ve got Khan?” And I never heard Captain Kirk whine about some stupid power generators at Tashi Station.

Sayonara, Star Wars. It was great fun while it lasted, but those days are long over. I’m going boldly elsewhere.