Be Careful What You Wish For

Would President Obama and the Democrats get a boost in November if the Supremes overturn ObamaCare? That’s what Dan Weber thinks might happen:

The law’s passage spooked American business. Major corporations took
multimillion-dollar health care write-offs — AT&T’s was a cool billion — and the small companies that are responsible for 90 percent of new hires saw their health care costs rose by 20 percent to 40 percent.

So for big companies, the law’s overturning would mean much brighter balance sheets and a tonic for the stock market. Above all, it could restart small-business hiring, set off a mid-summer job boom and improve monthly employment numbers enough to make the administration’s claims of recovery look credible by November.


While I’m 99% certain that, yes, the jobs would start coming back, I’m far less certain Obama could make much hay from it.

Job creation fell off the cliff when O-Care was passed. If it comes charging back after O-Care’s repeal, then voters will know that we suffered two needless years of stagnation, because of a law few wanted and nobody loved.

That’s as powerful an indictment of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi as can be imagined.

If O-Care is overturned, the Democrats had better hope job creation stays in the sewer, so they can keep on blaming Bush.


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