Dispatches from the War on Women

Jen Rubin:

Republican women are out in force in the 2012 election. [Nebraska’s Deb] Fischer joins Hawaii’s Linda Lingle, Missouri’s Sarah Steelman, Connecticut’s Linda McMahon, New York’s Wendy Long and New Mexico’s Heather Wilson as prominent female Republicans contending in primaries. With the departure of Sens. Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R-Tex.) and Olympia Snowe (R-Maine), the GOP would have only three women in the Senate; That number could easily double with this crop of female candidates.


Conservative women — many of whom didn’t even know they were conservative before the Stimulus — have been out in force since 2009, and the birth of the Tea Party movement. This is why the White House and the Complicit Media have failed in the “war on women.”

Women know better, and they don’t like being lied to.

(Hat tip, Glenn.)


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