A Tale of Two Mobiles

LG is quitting being a Windows Phone OEM:

One of the original launch partners of Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system is calling a quits. LG said during its earnings call last week that the company has no plans to introduce any new Windows Phones and instead will focus its efforts on Android. The South Korean-based manufacturer claimed that its partnership with Microsoft remains in good standards, however a focus on Windows Phone has not worked out financially. “The total unit of Windows Phone sold in the global market is not a meaningful figure,” an LG spokesman said to The Korea Herald. LG, which was once the world’s No. 3 handset maker, has seen weakening sales of its smartphone lineup.

But Woz is still a fan:

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak recently purchased a Nokia Lumia 900 and thus far has had nothing but a pleasant experience with the device. The folks over at caught up with “the Woz” and spoke to him about his opinion on the Windows Phone platform. “Just for looks and beauty I definitely favor the Windows Phone over Android,” he said. Wozniak called the operating system “intuitive and beautiful,” and said it makes him feel as if he is “with a friend not a tool.” He also noted that apps on the Lumia look “more beautiful than on Android or iPhone.”

Pick a side — or don’t. It’s just a great time to be a gadget freak.