Poll THIS!

If you aren’t all over the twitters this morning (and if not — what’s wrong with you?), we’re busy dissecting the latest nonsense poll from the Washington Post and ABC News. Don’t worry about the answers people gave. Don’t even concern yourself with the questions. And, really, it’s not so important that in an election year, they broadened their sample to registered voters instead of likely voters.

Instead, know this: Their sample was D+11. In other words, it included 11 percent more Democrats than Republicans. Even though voter self-ID this year split about even, or with GOP voters holding a slight edge.

WaPo and ABC are trying to inculcate doom & gloom & inevitability into the hearts of right-leaning voters. They’re trying to suppress the vote — working, it would seem, hand-in-glove with David Axelrod.

I’ve told you for months his strategy is to squeak by in a low-turnout election — where the low turnout is engineered by his campaign. WaPo and ABC are simply playing along.

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