I Refuse to Work Under These Conditions!

Now there’s a first: My internet-based employer has no internets.

I turned in my script and clips and links for today’s Week in Blogs shoot on time, despite being behind all morning. Put my earpiece in, threw on a sports coat, clipped on my mic, turned on the lights, and sat down in front of the camera. Dialed the Ipela into work and… they didn’t pick up. So I tried the second channel, and then the third. The PJTV computer (an Amiga 500 with the upgraded memory and Kickstart 2.0) refused to take my calls.


Turns out, about 20 minutes ago their internets all shriveled up and blew away. Not sure what happened, but Producer-in-Training Sammie tells me they’re working on it.

I wonder if they tried rebooting the Amiga?

UPDATE: Yeah, we’re out of business of making TV for today. What’s amazing to me is, how little trouble we have. I have heard (and seen) some real horror stories of TV production, and I’m pretty sure that organized chaos is the norm. But day in, day out, we hit our deadlines — even though we’re spread all over the country and have just a few magic wand wavers back in LA.

Honestly, I don’t know how they do it.


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