Set Amex for Stun

Looks like the iPad 3 will be unveiled, as expected, on March 7.

I’m thinking I’ll get the 64GB model this time. I have my 32GB iPad 1 so loaded up with books for the kids, there’s no longer room for any video. Yep, I filled it to the rim.


But 3G (or LTE) connectivity is an automatic upgrade. The genius of the tablet is that it makes computing ubiquitous — if you have a cellular connection. Well worth the extra cash.

UPDATE: Will the iPad 3 come with a price hike? That’s what one report claims:

The last few weeks have seen a whirlwind of iPad-related rumors in anticipation of the event. Another purported leak from a Chinese microblogging site has suggested that Apple’s high-definition Retina Display could add a previously unexpected $80 premium to the price of the iPad, pushing the entry level price up to $579 for the Wi-Fi-only 16GB model. All Wi-Fi models would see an $80 price boost, the documents suggest, while 3G-capable models would see their prices rise $70 each.

I doubt this is the case. A $70 hike on the most expensive model, would bring the price of a 64GB, 3G iPad up to $899. That’s just $100 less than a similarly-equipped MacBook Air. And boosting the entry-level to almost $600 — at a time when Apple still has no serious competitor — seems like lunacy.

Dark horse? Apple keeps producing a single, low-end iPad 2 model, yours for just $300 or $350.


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