Fill it to the RIM -- With Fail

The Verge did a scarily in-depth review of RIM’s new PlayBook 2, but I’ve got the bullet-point version.

• “Most of the bugs are finally gone,” they say. So RIM’s got that going for them. Which is nice.


• It has email! Not very good email, but still.

• It can run some Android apps in emulation or something, because almost nobody is developing native apps for it.

• It’s the exact same hardware.

You read that last one right: PlayBook 2 runs on the same hardware as the original PlayBook, which sucked in comparison to 2010’s iPad 1. What RIM is pitching as PlayBook 2, is really just an OS upgrade — something Apple offers its iOS customers for free each year.

I think RIM has gone past “fail” and into “doom.”

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