It's iOS 5 Day!

Big day today for Apple users such as myself. iOS 5 becomes available for any mobile device as old as an iPhone 3GS or an iPad 1. And iCloud goes live later, too — but you’ll have to update iTunes and OS X Lion to the latest versions to make them work properly.


The iPad I’ll update immediately. In fact, I have it plugged into iTunes and I’m compulsively checking the Check for Update button every few minutes. Why? One (made-up) word: iMessage. The cloud services will be a nice new convenience, but iMessage makes my iPad a much easier communications device.

But I’ll be suggesting to Melissa that she hold off on updating her iPhone 3GS, just like I’m going to wait on mine. First, we’ll each be getting shiny a new iPhone 4S on Friday, so what’s the rush? The second reason is the more important one, however.

The previous version of iOS was made available on the older iPhone 3G. And even though it ran a semi-crippled version of the operating system, the consensus was that it sucked — too much OS on too little phone. So before I go and make a hash of a couple of perfectly good phones, I’ll wait and see what the reviews say. Because my older son doesn’t know it yet, but he’s about to inherit my 3GS to use as an iPod Touch — and I’d hate for him to get it with a creaky OS.


That’s my advice to you: Upgrade your iPhone 4 or your iPad today, but give your 3GS a rest for now.

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