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Fill to the RIM with FAIL

BlackBerry PlayBook owners -- and I'm assuming here there are some -- still hoping for that Android app player are going to be disappointed:

According to thinq_, RIM will remove all support for widgets, apps created with the Native Development Kit, Live Wallpaper support, SIP and SIP VoIP support, Google Maps, text-to-speech, cloud-to-device messaging and in-app billing services. Distimo recently reported that 68% of the 25 top-grossing apps in the Android Market offer in-app purchases, so the omission of in-app billing services is a particularly big blow, though it could certainly be seen coming.

So the PlayBook will -- eventually -- run Android apps as promised. It just won't run the ones people like.

RELATED: Following the Kindle Fire announcement, RIM knocked $200 off the price of the PlayBook. If you've just hit your head on something hard, you can stagger down to Best Buy and get one for just $299.

Sorry, but as of yesterday, Amazon is the Android tablet maker -- and me-too tablet makers like RIM are history.