Enjoy Some Golden Oldies from the Gray Lady

You remember Bill Keller, right? Until very recently, he was the executive editor of the New York Times. A guy with a nose for news, you would hope. Someone who knows today what you’ll need to know tomorrow. A guy who can manage the hyperbustle of a big city newsroom, and get a relevant and informative newspaper out on the stands, each and every morning.

So I started reading his column just a minute ago, with all of the above in the back of the reptile part of my brain. And then he’s going on in the lede about President Obama’s inauguration, and how everything was Bush’s fault in just the third graf — and quite instinctively I glanced up at the dateline to make sure I wasn’t reading something from 2009.

But I wasn’t. The thing is dated September 18, 2011 — as if the last two-plus years hadn’t happened at all.

I’m thinking Keller’s retirement might be the best thing to happen to the Gray Lady since the invention of newsprint.