Memo to Ford Motor: Duck

The UAW is playing all lovely-dovy with Government Motors, but wait until you see what’s coming next. Peter De Lorenzo knows the score:

Don’t buy a damn thing that Bob King says, because he speaks with forked tongue.

And while Chrysler and GM may benefit from the Shiny Happy kumbaya version of Bob King and the UAW – while bolstered by a “no strike” clause as a result of the bankruptcy agreements, no less – Ford is going to bear the brunt of the real true UAW. The relentlessly difficult, badgering, yester-tech UAW. The one that’s going to remind everyone of the UAW’s Dark Side and the belligerent entity that saw its heyday 40 years ago, overnight.

And it’s going to get ugly, folks. Really, really u-g-l-y.


Thanks to great management, Ford made it through the Great Recession without an Obama-approved phony-baloney bankruptcy. And don’t think Ford won’t be made to suffer for it.


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