Abandon Hope and Change, All Ye Who Enter Here

Senate Policy Luncheons

Rich Karlgaard has given up:

In my opinion, Obama is a lost cause on economic growth. His opposition to Boeing building its 787 production plant in right-to-work South Carolina is the final straw. All that centrist, mildly pro-business talk following the 2010 elections was a ruse. With Boeing, Obama has put his cards on the table. This supposedly smart president apparently can’t calculate the difference that 1% additional growth makes on the long-term fortunes of the American economy. He would sacrifice that 1% additional growth for fairness (as defined by him) and destroy the American dream for the next two generations.


Yeah, we heard that centrist, mildly pro-business talk following the 2008 elections, too. But it was when Obama was speaking off the cuff — about spreading the wealth around and using the tax code to punish success even if it meant lower revenues — that the truth came out. And his actions as President, too.

Karlgaard must have a lot more patience than I do, because I gave up on this guy a long time ago.


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