Good News on the Job Front?

Let’s hope this pans out:

The financial institution surveyed 375 U.S.-based, private, VC-backed software, hardware and cleantech companies, and found that startups are generally optimistic about current business opportunities and that they will continue to hire throughout 20111 to support the expected growth.

In fact, 83 percent of surveyed startups said they planned to hire this year, up significantly from the 73 percent of startups that reported plans to hire in last year’s report.


Start-up hires tend to be more recession-proof than others, as the struggling new company can’t afford to just let people go before the product ships or the service is ready. That’s one of the big reasons small businesses and entrepreneurship are so important to our overall economic health.

Now if only the Administration would get out of bed with big business, and lay off the heavy regulation and outright big business/big labor rent-seeking, we might get rising employment back on the fast track.


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