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Friday Recipe -- The Return!

It's been too long, so let's get back to basics with an all-American classic.

The Perfect Steak & Salad

Go see your favorite butcher and tell her you need a one-pounder of God's own cut: The ribeye.

This first step is vital. 24 hours before you grill this beauty, pat it dry with paper towels, season it liberally with kosher salt and coarse-ground pepper. Place uncovered on a plate in the fridge. Go to bed. In the morning, give it a flip. An hour before grilling time, remove it and let it come to room temperature.

Why so important? You'll be doing a mini-dry age on the beef, reducing the moisture in the outer surface. That will make it sear in less time, allowing you to move it to the indirect heat sooner. I picked this trick up from Michael Symon, and it's brilliant.

Also, even smart people have this idea that you should leave the beef in the fridge until the last minute, to reduce your chances of accidentally overcooking it. No, no, no! Cold beef cools off your cooking surface, resulting in a second-rate sear. And it's all about the sear.

You'll also need a salad.